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About this blog

Welcome to my blog. Here, I will write about topics that interest me, namely governance, citizenship, technology and social innovation.

The future of citizenship and governance is one of the topics that most interests me. The evolution of communications technology creates new possibilities and new challenges for citizenship and governance. In my work with governments and non-profit organizations, I’ve experienced them first hand. As such, I want to explore, among other things, how we can use technology to enable democracy and collective decision-making.

This blog will take the format of an experiment. I will publish 2 types of entries. Thr first type of entry will be filed under #wildideas. These pieces will be completely unresearched and will put forth my musings and opinions on a topic. This means that these pieces will often express “uneducated”/“uninformed” views. I am doing this because I believe in the value of untampered, unformed, unformated viewpoints. I have always believed that there is immense creative potential in people’s actual authentic, “uneducated” views. So, ya, this first type of blog entry will be just thrown out there.

The second type of piece I will publish here will be more researched position pieces and will be filed under #thoughtout.

I will publish pieces in English and French.



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